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Collective Worship

Collective Worship is the beating heartbeart of our school. The whole school takes part in a daily act of worship led by staff and our church visitors. 

Collective Worship gives us a chance to come together as a school community, reflect on our Christian values, join each other in prayer, silent reflection and song. It is a key part of developing our own spirituality and sharing what matters to us as a community. 

All parents are welcome to join our act of worship on a Friday morning at 8:50am, where children are given certificates for thoer contrbution to our school and everyone can celebrate each other's achievements.

Founder's Day Service

We held our annual Founder's Day service at the end of May.

This year our Year 5 children led worship and shared the history of John Wesley, who started the Methodist Church. This included an fantastic play which detailed the story of Wesley's life and his calling into ministry. This has given the children a stronger understanding of why the Methodist part of our school name is so important to us.


This year we held our Easter service in school. We learnt about the Easter story through Deacon Jane's puppet, Mary. The children were highly engaged and were able to reflect on what the Easter story means to them.