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Welcome to our Nursery Class Page

Nursery Staff: Mrs Barclay, Miss Digby.


On Wednesday mornings, nursery take part in physical activities led by a coach from JD sports. 

On Thursday afternoon, the children take part in music sessions led by Mrs Ellis from Lincolnshire Music Service.  The children focus on rhythm and beat.


Nursery take part in Forest School on a Friday afternoon weather permitting. It is advised that the children bring with them clothing that is appropriate for outdoor learning.


This term in nursery, we have been learning all about dinosaurs.  We have explored the different types of dinosaurs. where they lived and what they ate.  We investigated dinosaur poo to discover which type of dinosaur it came from. Either a carnivore (it contained flowers and leaves) or from a herbivore (it contained bones).  We were also fortunate to have our very own dinosaur egg to hatch.  Unfortunately, after hatching it managed to escape our classroom and after an extensive search of the school and grounds it is still missing!!