Welcome to Reception!

Our topic this term is “Toys”. We are learning about old and new toys and have been completing work around the film “Toy Story”.

In our maths lessons we have been focussing on numbers 1-10, recognising them, ordering them and problem solving.

Within our phonics lessons we are practising blending and segmenting CVC words.

We are enjoying using our role play toy hospital and our outdoor learning area and have designed a new reflection area to show our school’s Christian values.

For the rest of the year our topics will be as follows:


Our Community



 We look forward to sharing much more of our work with you!


Useful Websites for learning at home






Things to practise at home:

  • Counting and number recognition to 20
  • 2D and 3D shape recognition
  • Recognising the letters of the alphabet and the sounds they make
  • Writing simple words, ensuring letters are correctly formed and orientated.
  • Writing for different purposes; stories, lists, labels, signs.
  • Fine motor skills (cutting, drawing, threading)