Welcome to Reception!

This half term our topic is “Dinosaurs!” The children have been exploring different types of dinosaurs and have learnt what dinosaurs that were carnivores and herbivores ate.

The children have also been very creative! They planned and created a dinosaur island and also decorated a variety of dinosaurs for our classroom display.

The children have been continuing with their daily phonics sessions and are still working hard with reading and spelling simple 3 letter words. They have been learning about number and have begun to really grasp ‘1 more and 1 less’. The children are really enthusiastic when they are learning and particularly enjoy our daily learning challenge.


Useful Websites for learning at home





 Things to practise at home:

  • Counting and number recognition to 20
  • 2D and 3D shape recognition
  • Recognising the letters of the alphabet and the sounds they make
  • Writing simple words, ensuring letters are correctly formed and orientated.
  • Writing for different purposes; stories, lists, labels, signs.
  • Fine motor skills (cutting, drawing, threading)