Welcome to Year 4 & 5

Year 4

Welcome back!

I hope you have all had a very relaxing Easter break!


Our topic this term is: Road Trip USA! Over the duration of this term, we will discover what Native America was like and what North America still looks like today. We will use our geographical skills to locate America on the map and study its location in relation to The Tropics of Cancer and Capricorn. Additionally, we will discover the different states of America as well as a range of its famous physical features.

Topic Homework

Last term’s topic homework has been our greatest success yet with every child in our class taking part. We were all blown away with the effort that was put into creating the different projects and it would be wonderful if this could be repeated again this term.

Hand in date: Thursday 23rd May. Good luck and have fun!

Additionally, a small piece of literacy or numeracy homework will also continue to be set each Friday to be handed in for marking every Thursday. Again, if children are struggling to find time to complete their homework within that time frame, then they have the opportunity to do so during either break or lunch times during the school week. Please also don’t hesitate to contact me if your child is struggling with anything set.


Spellings will also continue. Again, these spellings will be handed out on Monday and tested on Friday. In class, we will also be continuing to focus on teaching a specific spelling rule.

Maths and English

In maths, we will begin by consolidating our knowledge of fractions from the previous term, before moving onto writing, ordering and comparing decimals. We will then use this knowledge to help use solve problems involving money.


Our English lessons will be inspired by our American topic. We will study the genre of myths and legends by reading different Native American stories which focus on different mythical ideas, before writing our own.

During assessment week, the children will research different American icons, before picking their own and writing chronological reports about them.

PE and Swimming

Over the duration of the next 2 terms, we will be going swimming every Friday afternoon. Please ensure that your child has a full swimming kit, including a towel in school for this occasion.

PE will also continue to take place every Thursday where we will be studying the different skills needed for rounders. Last term we had a few incidents where children were either borrowing PE kits from other children, lost property or having to miss out on several lessons due to a lack of kit. It is a national requirement that all children take part in PE lessons twice a week (unless there are unforeseen circumstances as to why they cannot) and so it would be wonderful if all children could have their full PE kit in school at all times. Thank you very much in advance for your cooperation.  

Mrs Hannah and Mrs George

We are very lucky to have Mrs Hannah joining our year 4 team. She will be working in our class in the mornings.

Additionally, Mrs George will return to us in May for the final part of her teacher training. She will gradually begin to teach more lessons throughout the duration of this term and into the next, under my guidance and supervision.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your support. Please feel free to pop in and see me at the beginning or end of the school day if you have any questions or queries.

Thank you.

Miss Haywood, Mrs Scott and Mrs Hannah.


Year 5

Firstly, we would like to welcome you back after the Easter holidays. Please feel free to pop in and see us at any time during the year if you have any questions.


This term we are focusing on the topic Peasants, Princes and Pestilence. We will be looking at the Black Death and what life was like during this period. This will link in with History, looking at London then and now, and what happened to the people of London and those who were infected. We will also be exploring the different cures that were used during this time, hopefully trying to create our own.


We are going to be focusing on diary writing, non-chronological reports and performing poetry. We will be looking at a film narrative on Mulan, weaving in arguments and debates on topics linking to Mulan.

In Guided Reading lessons, we will be focusing on short texts, which we will be analysing and discussing aspects in small groups.


It is important that the children read a minimum of 3-4 times a week. Not only does it help with fluency of reading and comprehension, but also in their writing.

In year 5, some of the children are able to pick their own reading books, as we want to promote the children’s love of reading.

 As we know that children often read to themselves, we trust them to write in their own reading records, please write down how many pages you have read that night. However, if this is the case, please can you ensure that they are actually doing the reading by questioning them on their book when possible.

Questioning is extremely important to develop the children’s comprehension skills. There are example questions in their Reading Record.


Homework will be set on a Wednesday to be handed in the following Monday. Homework for Maths will be a continuation of what has been taught in lessons, this gives the children another opportunity to apply their skills and consolidate their understanding.

It would also be valuable for the children to use the Timetable Rock Star app (both can be found on Apple and Android platforms) to help them engage with timetables and improve their recall. Do not forget you can get on Times Table Rock Stars scoreboard! Can you beat your last score?

This term the children need to produce a Topic Project exploring The Black Death. In this, the children can explore any aspect they wish detailed in the homework letter. However, the children must produce some written work. Homework will be due in Thursday 23rd May 2019.

Although at this age we expect the children to be completing their homework themselves, please feel free to assist them in getting resources, ideas etc. It is important that all homework is completed and handed in on time. There will always be spare copies available on the spare copies board inside the classroom.

Each week there will be a homework club (during Monday break time) where we will make ourselves available to assist any children who are struggling with their homework. Furthermore, if the children are struggling to find time or resources to complete their homework at home, they are more than welcome to attend the club.


P.E. this term will include synergy on a Monday and PE on a Tuesday. Please ensure that your children have appropriate kit for indoor and outdoor activities.

Any questions, please do not hesitate to ask.

Miss Delaney and Mr Quarton.


May 2019