Welcome to Nursery

Our topic this term is toys.  We have looked at toys with wheels, bears, talked about our favourite toys and we also have some learning planned around the film “Toy story”.

In maths we have looked at instructions that include positional language, reciting numbers in sequence and 2D shapes. 

In Literacy we have shared a variety of books.  A favourite is our “Who am I book?” This includes a photo of each child in our class and we sing a song about the initial sound of each name.       

Our role play area has changed on an almost weekly basis, dependent on the children’s interests and has included Goldilocks Cottage, a toy hospital and a shop so far. 

We spend time outside every day, whatever the weather.  This term we have been very aware of the changing seasons, exploring ice was a firm favourite.  

For the rest of the year, we will look at the following topics:


Our community


Fairy tales


 Please click HERE to read our February 2017 Nursery newsletter.

Many parents ask how they can support their child at home, some ideas include:

  • Reading a variety of books
  • Pointing out print in the environment, for example; CO-OP sign, numbers on houses and buses, etc.
  • Counting anything and everything!
  • Independence in dressing, putting on coats and shoes
  • Using mark making tools and scissors